WAY Youth Ministry

Do you want to be a part of something real? That's what The WAY (Westview Alliance Youth) is all  about - the fact that God loves you and wants you to be in a growing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. As a group, we are committed to be people of the Word and Prayer. 

Westview's leadership ponders the following questions dealing with our Youth Group:

  • If God had his way with our Youth Group, what would it look like?
  • What are each Youth's spiritual gifts, and how can we use those gifts more effectively in youth group?
  • How do we encorporate their spiritual gifts in their schools and church?
  • What tools do we need to give the students to learn to hear God's voice through prayer and reading the Bible?



Meet Your WAY Leaders!

Tim and Tracy Ramsour;  Adam and Jennifer Tripolone 


If you have questions about youth ministries, or how you can get involved,
contact Pastor Tim Ramsour; Pa
stor of Family Ministries


WAY Youth Group January 2016